Traditional & Contemporary Folk Songs in Harmony

Bob & Gill

Who we are

Bob and Gill have been performing in the traditional folk world for more than 34 yers together. Thier music is primarily traditional and contemporary folk but thier love of performing brings all sorts of music to the fore. Their performances have massive variety anddisplay a great deal of of love and passion for their music and a deep connection between them as two people.

Gill Berry

The Voice!

Gill started singing when she was young but her stage life began around the time she met up with Bob at a Morris Dance festival in 1983. Her influences were broad including her love of rad jazz, Classical music via her early work with Bellet and June tabor which introduced hrer to trad music.. A very distinctive voice is loved by all and she can bring a pub to silence in just one vere of a song.

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Bob Berry

Bob has been singing since he was a boy singing in choirs and around camp fires. he has a wealth of knowledge of the folk scene and of traditional music. Hi true vocation came when he met Gill and they started singing together in 1983. Their love of music is clearly obvious from the outset.

Bob Berry

Singer & Musician, playing Guitar, bouzouki, Concertina and Ukelele

Some of our recorded Music

Recordings since 1984

As an acclaimed and talented Folk Duo, Bob and Gill Berry have produced an eclectic mix of studio and live recordings that are synonymous with their signature sound. Appealing to fans worldwide, their collection of songs are a testament to the depth and diversity of their creativity and hard work. Explore their discography below.


Bonnet & Shawl


Bob and Gill recorded their first Album with Mike Sanderson at the Radio 201 studios in Reading. Some great songs were included in the mix with some unusual variants in the tracks. Tey were heavily influenced by the artists that viisted and performed in their regular clubs of Maidenhead, Nettlebed, Kirtlington and the Oxford area.
the title comes from Dave Webber”s ‘Monster’ song Bonnet & Shawl which he generously gave us within a very short time of it being written. It is now regarded as one of those classic traditional folk sings that have slipped into the tradition like many of dave’s songs.

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Sitting in a Tree


This album has become a favorite among fans, as it has many catchy songs paired with amazing instrumental melodies. The band worked incredibly hard on all of the arrangements, and is proud to be able to present fans with this amazing album. Have a listen and discover the magic of music by Bob and Gill Berry.

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“… they have come up with a pleasing album with content that lives up to its title.

… a very decent CD”

Dai Woosnam

Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews (09 January 2006)


“Their close harmony singing displays an evident strong and sensitive musical bond, with each truly supportive of the other’s voice yet also completely naturally allowing the other to shine (or dominate) where necessary for the expression of the song, the effective communication in performance of which is paramount (as it should be).”

David Kidman

Netrythms (28 October 2006)


“All are sung beautifully and with great sensitivity …

All together, a wide ranging, thought provoking and enjoyable CD. “

Dick Nickolls

Folk Mag (23 October 2006)


“Gills voice is strong and quite vibrant, reminding me of the singing at the pub piano in old wartime films …”

Nick Howard

Shreds & Patches (27 September 2006)


“Gill has an attractive resonant voice and with Bobs sensitive harmonies and accompaniments basically very little else is necessary for a rounded and empathic sound …

Not a CD to set the world on fire (which Im sure wouldnt be Bob and Gills intention anyway) but a very enjoyable listen.”

Derek Gifford

Folk NorthWest (22 October 2006)


… they give us a feast of song, performed with confidence and commitment, an obvious labour of love.

… the Berry’s have ears for a song that is good regardless of provenance. A pleasing album from two singers who are part of the backbone of our folk revival.”
Roy Harris

Taplas (16 October 2006)


“Bittersweet, the debut album from the duo, because of time constraints was some two years in the making. It’s been a worthwhile wait, as the duo have produced a robust and consistently strong collection, made all the more effective by Gill’s versatile and distinctive voice and by the shrewd choice of material …”

Sean McGhee

RocknRel (11 Jul 2006)

EoABooklet pp1 copy.jpg

Echoes of Alfred

May 2019

Echoes of Alfred
“This album has been a long time coming.
Back in 1987 when we moved back into Wiltshire we have been working with and singing songs from Wiltshire and the surrounding counties. Also influenced by Bob’s Mum and Dad’s research and singing of songs from the wonderful Alfred Williams Collection in the early 1980’s, this is a collection of songs predominantly from Wiltshire. They all have a link with the county that we have made their adopted home.

The album title comes from our belief that so many songs echo of the tireless work by Alfred Williams to preserve and cherish these insights into the lives and labours of the rural people of the Upper Thames area.
Many of the songs collected by Alfred Williams had no tunes recorded in manuscripts, so consequently many have been adapted to fit new tunes or arranged to suit our own feelings into the work. We make no apologies for changing words and tunes.
We hope that Alfred would have ‘echoed ‘our sentiments and,
alongside many others currently working on the collection, this
will be another chapter to add to Wiltshire musical heritage.”

The image on the album front was inspired by a line in the song
“ Out with my dog in the morning” which describes
the joy of singing by the fireside. There is nothing better.
Bob & Gill


Behind the Music

We have now launched our new album “Echoes of Alfred”. It is a 16 track album with songs from the collection of Alfred Williams in the Wiltshire and surrounding counties. The launch was at the Chippenham Folk Festival and was well received.

Albums can be purchased at the following link.

Albums by Bob & Gills band Tinkers Bag are also still available.

We also have a good number of gigs coming up including some great festivals. We look forward to seeing you there?

Way back inJune 2008 we had the great opportunity of being invited to record at the Real World Studios, Box ( that’s Peter Gabriels place!) with the internationally known celtic harpist and singer, Loreena McKennit on her latest album ” A Midwinter Night’s dream”.

A truly amazing experience and really nice to sing alongside such a giant in her field of music. Bob even got to do a couple of additional harmony lines as an over- dub. The track is “The Gloucestershire Wassail” and includes other singers including Eddie Upton, Bernard Coulter, Elena Robotham and Phillipa Toulson. Samples of Loreena McKennits music, inclu ding the ‘wassail’ can be found on

Bob & Gill recorded a song from the singing of Loreena on their previous album “Sitting on a tree” on the WildGoose record label. The track was called” Bonny Portmore” .
Bob & Gill were delighted to have been given an award by the English Folk Dance & Song Society Anniversary Awards ceremony which was held on Monday 11th June 2007.

The EFDSS 75th Anniversary Awards were a way of honouring many of the people who have made significant contributions to the development and continuity of traditional English folk music, song and dance. We are delighted to receive this award- however it is also to the friends and fellow enthusiasts that have supported our endeavours to share this wonderful music and song.

Since then Bob received a Joint Exceptional Community service award from the Chippenham Town Council and The Wiltshire Council. This was for working with the community of Chippenham and the Folk festival. Bob shares this with Gill and all the other fine volunteers at the Festival that does such a great job each year. However he was really chuffed to be presented it.



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